Political Film Newsletter #7

Only one film has been nominated for a PFS award for best raising political consciousness in 1996: Dead Man Walking in the category of Human Rights. Members of the Political Film Society can nominate films with a simple letter, mailed to the above address.

Five Working Papers are available for purchase:
#1 Genovese, “Art & Politics: The Political Film as a Pedagogical Tool”
#2 Morlan, “Pre-World War II Propaganda: Film as Controversy”
#3 Giglio, “From Riefenstahl to the Three Stooges: Defining the Political Film”
#4 Williams, “The Real Oliver North Loses: The Reel Bob Roberts Wins”
#5 R. I. Savage, “Popular Film & Popular Communication.”
Politics & Film Syllabi, authored by the following, are also available:
#1 John Williams
#2 Ernest Giglio
#3 Henry Kariel

The American Political Science Association, which holds its annual convention at the San Francisco Hilton on Labor Day weekend, has agreed to allow the Political Film Society three panels and a business meeting: Panel A: Film as Ideology: War, Revolution & Change (Thur., Aug. 29, 8:45 a.m.)
Panel B: Understanding Politics Through Film & Literature (Fri., Aug. 30, 8:45 a.m.)
Business Meeting (Fri., Aug. 30, 12:45 p.m.)
Panel C: Visual Texts: Gender, Race & Cultural Stereotyping (Sat. Aug. 31, 1:30 p.m.).
For details about panelists, see the previous PFS Newsletter. David Whiteman will chair the Business Meeting. He can be contacted by E-Mail at whiteman@sc.edu

At present, the Political Film Society is a Related Group of the American Political Science Association. Efforts are underway to establish a Politics & Film Section within APSA and apart from PFS. Accordingly, the time has come to review the PFS constitution, which was adopted in 1986. Consisting of ten “Rules for Awards of Merit,” most of the constitution deals with the procedure to nominate and select films for awards. Rules 1-8, which specify these procedures, are based a similar text used by the Academy Awards. Rule 9 deals with membership. Rule 10 is concerned with governance. The most crucial parts of Rule 10 are reprinted below:
1. A Board of Directors of five voting members shall be chosen each year at the annual meeting of the Hawai`i Political Studies Association, chaired by a Coordinator or Co-Coordinators.
6. The Board shall also meet from time to time to discuss other business. The Board shall have the authority to set up committees and subcommittees and to amend these Rules by majority vote.
Since the Hawai`i Political Studies Association became defunct in 1989, Rule 10 is clearly anachronistic. Otherwise, PFS operates as before. To obtain a copy of the constitution, which may be discussed at the August 30 Business Meeting, write to the Political Film Society.