Crazy Rich Asians

For years, Asians and Asian Americans have struggled to prove their talents while Hollywood has often cast Caucasians in Asian roles. Now that era may be over, thanks to Crazy Rich Asians, directed by John M. Chu, based on the novel by Kevin Kwan. All actors are Asians or Asian Americans—and they are terrific at their craft!

At the heart of the plot are two love stories. One couple marries to satisfy Chinese cultural expectations but goes sour because the extraordinarily muscular groom has already been carrying on another love affair. The more Romeo/Juliet story involves Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu), an economics professor in New York, and Nick Young (Henry Golding), the son of a Singapore tycoon who loves her for her independent qualities yet fails to tell her about his family roots, something that he later admits was a mistake. Indeed, his mother Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh) observes that he has forgotten who is really is. The conflict between American culture, which respects those who follow their passions, runs up against the Chinese culture’s stress on putting family obligations first. As the love affairs go through their paces, filmviewers are treated to delightful antics and opulence of the rich Chinese throughout Asia, while hiding how Malays are treated in the island Republic. MH