A Woman in Berlin

The Russians reached Berlin first and remained for occasional raids to wipe out lingering Nazi resistance. Most of their idle time was spent eating, sleeping, and turning the city into a whorehouse. In A Woman in Berlin (Anonyma—Eine Frau in Berlin), directed by Max Fäberböck, the women of Berlin find protectors and try to turn the tables on them. A particular woman, Anonyma (played by Nina Hoss), is so enamored of her sophisticated protector, Major Andrej Rybkin (played by Yevgeni Sidikhin), that she tries her best to avoid falling in love with him. And the pairing is not approved by members of the Soviet army. The film, which brings to the screen an anonymous autobiography by Marta Hillers that shocked Germany when published in 1954, has been nominated for best film exposé of 2009 and the year’s best film on human rights and best film on peace. MH