Political Film Review #583

VOTING CONTINUES ON NOMINATIONS FOR BEST POLITICAL FILMS OF 2018 Each year the Political Film Society gives awards for the best politically oriented films, and 2018 has fewer than 2017. No films were nominated in the categories DEMOCRACY or PEACE. Six were nominated for HUMAN RIGHTS. Eleven were nominated for best EXPOSÉ Political Film Society rules require the number of nominated films to be reduced to five in each category. Accordingly, the ballots below enable members to narrow the list to one for HUMAN RIGHTS and five for EXPOSÉ:

For the category EXPOSÉ, which recognizes the importance of raising political consciousness by bringing to light little-known facts, the following films were nominated, so select the best FIVE:


BlacKkKlansman (Police infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado)

Boy Erased (How clinics operate to deprogram gays and lesbians)

Chappaquiddick (Ted Kennedy fails to save his drowning girlfriend)

55 Steps (Mental health patients treated as virtual slaves)

The Front Runner (Why Gary Hart never became a presidential candidate)

Green Book (Treatment of Blacks in the South during the 1960s)

On the Basis of Sex (How Ruth Bader Ginsburg launched her career)

Outlaw King (Scots achieve independence from England in 1314)

22 July (Terrorist attack by a Norwegian right-wing extremist)

Vice (Dick Cheney’s rise from drunk to vice president)

The Young Karl Marx (Engels supports Marx, and they launch a new ideology)

Vote for the FIVE among the six films nominated for raising consciousness of the need for greater HUMAN RIGHTS:

BlacKkKlansman (Racism of the Ku Klux Klan and in a police department)

Boy Erased (Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation)

55 Steps (The rights of mental health patients)

Freak Show (Rights of transgender persons vs assimilationism)

On the Basis of Sex (How men kept women from advancing)

Sweet Country (Aboriginals mistreated in Australia in the 1920s)