Political Film Review #613


Twenty-two films have been nominated by the Political Film Society for 2019 in each of four categories. Official Secrets and The Report are the only nominees for the category DEMOCRACY. Four films have been nominated for promoting PEACE—15 Minutes of War, Ashes in the Snow, Jirga, and Official Secrets. However, a large number of films have been nominated for EXPOSÉ and HUMAN RIGHTS. Because no more than five films can appear on the final ballot, members now have an opportunity to narrow the list. By January 31, members now can vote YES for the top five in each category. If you feel that a film is utterly deserving, then vote NO. If you are neither strongly in favor nor against, select UNDECIDED:


Among EXPOSÉ films, vote for the FIVE films that best bring to light lesser known political facts:

15 Minutes of War     French attack on Somali terrorists in 1976
Ashes in the Snow     Soviet attack on Lithuania in 1941
Brian Banks     Black athlete falsely charged with rape
Capernaum     Child sues Syrian parents for being born
Dark Waters     Lawsuit that bankrupted DuPont
Go for Broke     Japanese Americans prove loyalty in WW2
Harriet     Biopic of Harriet Tubman
I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians     Romanian Holocaust in WW2
The Invisibles     1,700 Berlin Jews survived Nazi German
Just Mercy     Black man falsely charged with murder
Mob Town     How the FBI finally focused on the Mafia
Official Secrets     How countries were forced to support Iraq War until blackmailing was exposed.
Red Joan     The woman who leaked nuclear secrets to the USSR to ensure mutual deterrence and therefore non-use.
The Report     Bush administration‘s use of torture exposed despite CIA pressure.
Richard Jewell     FBI incompetence in dealing with Atlanta bombing in 1996
Seberg     Famous movie star supports Black Panthers
Skin     Former White Nationalist campaigns to stop the movement
The Two Popes     Why Pope Benedict resigned in favor of Pope Francis
For HUMAN RIGHTS films, vote to accept the best FIVE from the following nominees:
Ashes in the Snow     Soviet mistreatment of prisoners
At War     How globalization produces unemployment
Brian Banks     Unequal criminal justice for a Black athlete   
Capernaum     How Syrian refugees cope in Lebanon
Clemency     Capital punishment toll on all involved
Dark Waters     How DuPont poisoned its Teflon employees
Harriet     How slaves were mistreated and fled north
I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians     How Romanians refuse to acknowledge their guilt over their version of the Holocaust
Just Mercy     Racial bias in Alabama criminal justice system
The Report     Visual examples of USA torture
Richard Jewell     The FBI hounds an innocent person
Saint Judy     Lawyer wins landmark case allowing sexual mistreatment as grounds to get asylum.
Seberg     FBI harasses woman for supporting Black Panthers
Skin     How White Nationalists support terrorism

The Political Film Society Board of Directors will meet on Saturday, February 1, at 9 a.m. (8481 Allenwood Road, LA 90046) to count ballots. The top five will be placed onto the final ballot along with the nominees in the other two categories. Final ballots will be distributed February 1.