In Predrag Antonijevic’s Savior, the protagonist (Dennis Quaid) spends most of the film as a terrorist. An American whose spouse and son are killed by a terrorist bomb in Paris, throws a bomb in a mosque, joins the Foreign Legion, and ends up fighting for the Bosnian Serbs as a terrorist, inflicting atrocities in acts of self-preservation while fighting alongside sadistic Serbian terrorists. In a change of heart reminiscent of Edward Norton’s turnaround in American History X, Dennis Quaid portrays a terrorist who at some point can no longer stomach brutal killing and prefers to save an innocent woman and her child. Nominated as a film that raises consciousness of the need for peaceful ways of resolving conflicts, Savior is filmed in Bosnia, a beautiful land in which nature is at peace but humans are at war of the most brutal sort. Oliver Stone, among the film’s producers, doubtless found the quagmire of Vietnam relived in the obscenity of Bosnia while humming “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” MH