Vincere (Italian word for “win”) is about Benito Mussolini’s secret wife and child. Mussolini, while an anti-monarchist socialist, was on the wanted list by the Italian royal government. One day, while pursued by the Carabinieri, Mussolini (played by Filippo Tini) is protected by Ida Dalser (played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno), and they carry on an affair. However, Mussolini has a public marriage with another woman, so after his ascension to power, Ida and Benito Junior (played by Fabrizio Costella) are arrested and placed into insane asylums to keep them out of the way. One wonders whether current Italian politics prompted the film, directed by Marco Bellocchio, which portrays their treatment, how they react to their treatment, and ends with credits containing dates of their death. Interspersed within the narrative are documentary clips of the era. The Political Film Society has nominated Vincere as best film exposé of 2010. MH